The Aztec

Product code: 047-0006E

The Maya

Product code: 047-0002E

The Inca Empire

Product code: 047-0004E

The Mapuche

Product code: 047-0003E


Product code: 047-0005E

The Diaguita

Product code: 047-0001E

American People

A series developed by anthropologists, aimed at a wide readership: students, teachers and the general public. Each volume presents the different aspects of society and culture of various native American people. They include abundant photographic material, maps and rigorous graphic reconstruction.

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  • Authors: Miguel Ángel Palermo y María de Hoyos
  • Illustrator: Aldo Chiappe
  • SIZE: 200 x 275 mm • PAGES: 32 • SOFTCOVER